About Us

Hosted by Fabrizio & Yuni


We would like to introduce ourselves: My name is Fabrizio, I am Italian and I am 55. My wife is a beautiful Indonesian woman, we have been married for 15 years. In this period of time we had the luck to create a family and God donated us two beautiful children, Vaneza and the little Alessandro, together with my amazing daughters Martina & Carlotta, who sometimes join us. After moving to Bali, an amazing place in particular for art, culture and nature, I felt very glad. However, despite this, I did not feel fulfilled enough, I could only feel that I was so far away from my Country. As a consequence, I had an idea that works a lot in Italy: to start a family Bed and Breakfast business. As a result, I followed the standards that Italians and Europeans like when they are on holiday. Obviously, the “magic words” are: RELAXING, CLOSENESS TO THE SEA, STRUCTURE, FACILITIES and LOW COST. Kind regards to all of you. For more information we invite you to search us on social networks. We will wait for you in Bali, the Island of Gods!

Thank you for your attention, Fabrizio, Yuni and family.

Languages spoken: English, Indonesian, Italian